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Lutzie 43
Lutzie 43
November 14, 2017

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43 Day Campaign

2017 has been a great year for the Lutzie 43 Foundation, and we want to finish strong. We are excited to announce we’re launching our first 43 Day Campaign to raise $43,000 by December 31.

We’ve changed many lives with the 43 Lessons to Legacy curriculum and the PFL Scholarship, but we know we can impact more people. We have learned from all the feedback we’ve received that there are many young students who decided against making a poor decision because of our message. However, there are still many more that haven’t heard Philip’s story or participated in our character development curriculum, and we want to be able to reach them.

Our commitment to equipping young people, parents, coaches, athletes and teachers with the tools to be better decision-makers and friends shouldn’t stop here. We want to change—and save — more lives with Philip’s legacy. Watch this video to learn more about Philip’s story.

Since our founding, we have given over 265 43 Lessons to Legacy talks across the country and have reached more than 78,000 young people through those talks. Check out one of Mike’s speeches here to the see the impact he is making. In 2017, we expanded the adapted PE field days and gave out our first five PFL scholarships.

In 2018, we hope to triple the number of PFL scholarships, further expand our adapted PE field days and dramatically expand the number of students using the curriculum.

We need your support to help get us started on our 2018 goals by finishing 2017 strong through our 43 Day Campaign. This campaign means a lot to the foundation, but it means more to the students who will be impacted by our work.

We ask that you consider giving to this important initiative. If you are inclined to donate, we have chosen four direct impact levels that each directly impacts an initiative of Lutzie 43. Of course, any donation amount is appreciated and will support our initiatives.

A $43 donation will provide the 43 Lessons to Legacy character-based curriculum to ten students who cannot afford it.

A $430 donation provides a DJ for a special needs joy prom.

A $1,043 donation provides bussing transportation for special needs students to attend Adaptive PE Field Days.

A $4,300 donation will provide a student with a $4,300 scholarship in memory of Philip Lutzenkirchen. Co-branded scholarship opportunities are available.

To donate or learn more, visit our campaign page here.

Thank you for your continual support of Lutzie 43!