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Lutzie 43
Lutzie 43
October 31, 2019

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Looking Back on National Teen Driver Safety Week

October 20th-26th was National Teen Driver Safety Week and the Lutzie 43 Foundation focused on making a greater effort to become a leader in the fight against distracted and impaired driving among teens. 


Twitter Chat with National Safety Council and other leading organizations in safe driving.

The Lutzie 43 Foundation was invited to participate in a conversation on Twitter regarding the importance of National Teen Driver Safety Week and providing tips to young drivers about avoiding distracting driving behaviors. See below for some questions and answers:


Q: Why is National Teen Driver Safety Week such an important observance?

A: #NTDSW_19 is an important week to recognize because it brings awareness, continues the conversation of the potential dangers to teen drivers and arms drivers with tools, tips, and initiatives to be safe in the car. Our mission is to empower young people to be positive ambassadors for safe driving through character development, mentorship & real world application. Philip Lutzenkirchen lost his life in an impaired driving accident; we don’t want to see another life lost. 


Q: Name a risk factor for teen drivers and what parents can do about it.

A: An obvious risk for teens is driving with a cell phone, but parents should also inform their teens about the other, less obvious distractions, like eating, applying makeup & changing the radio. Parents need to make a conscious effort to be a good example.


Q: Which hazards tend to sneak up on drivers that parents and teens should remember?

A: Bad weather, animals, blind spots or someone distracting you in your own vehicle are all hazards that can sneak up on teens and even the most experienced drivers! While these are hazards are difficult to prepare for, remember to take part in #43KeySeconds to remind passengers in your car to help you keep an eye out for these things.


Q: How should parents stay involved as their teen learns to drive?

A: Parents should stay involved by setting a good example behind the wheel, reminding their teen to drive safely before they get into the car and correcting their teen’s driving habits BEFORE they get their license! To ensure teens have a constant reminder to drive safe, we encourage parents to purchase a #43KeySeconds key for teens to keep on their keychain.


To view more Q&A from the National Safety Council and other experts in safe driving, including SADD and Drive It Home, head to @lutzie43 on Twitter.


Free Talk Giveaway

In honor of the week, we recently gave away free talks from Mike to two high schools. Mike’s talk is created to engage teens and promote positive character development and influence good choices and safe driving.

Mike will be traveling to Childersburg High School in Childersburg, Alabama on November 5th and Fort Chiswell High School in Max Meadows, Virginia at a later date.


Thank you to everyone who participated in National Teen Driver Safety Week. We continue to focus on furthering our reach to impact as many drivers as we can, and it wouldn’t be possible without our supporters and positive advocates for safe driving!