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Lutzie 43
Lutzie 43

Meet Melanie Watson, 2019 PFL Scholarship Recipient

Melanie Watson attended Helena High School where she played 4 years of Varsity Basketball and 2 years of softball. She served as captain of the basketball team her junior and senior years and received the 2018-19 Coaches Award. Melanie also held the position of Vice President of Student Council, President of the Key Club, and was accepted into several honor societies. Melanie just began her freshman year at the University of South Alabama where she plans to major in biochemistry.

Thank you to Melanie Watson for providing this blog post.


Hey y’all! I am blessed to say that I am one of eleven recipients of the PFL Character Scholarship. I am very honored to have the opportunity to show my gratitude and share how Phillip’s Legacy impacted my life.


Mr. Lutzie was our assembly speaker before prom this year at Helena High School. Therefore, I had not gone through any curriculum and, honestly, prior to the assembly, I had never heard of this foundation or Phillip’s whole story. However, I thank God that I did not miss it. While I am very honored to have been chosen, I feel even more honored to have heard Mr. Lutzenkirchen speak at our assembly before prom. Being able to hear about Phillip and 43 Key Seconds has and will continue to challenge me to use every second of my life being a great leader and a safe driver. 

The lesson on 43 Key Seconds made me realize my true leadership potential. It taught me the difference between good and great, not just defined in sports but in life and character. It gave me an example of how I would like to be spoken so highly of. It has taught me to not be afraid to speak up. Also, it has and will continue to help hold me to a higher standard. 

When Mr. Lutzenkirchen left I was challenged, by Phillip’s story, to use every second of my life as a great example.

Watch Melanie’s video here.