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Lutzie 43
Lutzie 43
August 6, 2019

Categories: PFL Scholarship

2019 PFL Scholarship Winner, Carter Kubes

It is such an immense honor to have been selected as one of the recipients of the 2019 PFL Character Scholarship, especially because of the community I have grown up in and the impact that Philip’s life has had on me.

Since I am from Marietta, Georgia and attended Lassiter High School, the Lutzenkirchen name is and has been very prevalent in my life. This exposure began while I was a child under the Friday night lights at Lassiter, where I remember seeing Philip dominate on the gridiron, and it continued during his time at Auburn University, the school that I grew up loving. The importance of the Lutzenkirchen name in my community adds additional honor to the already substantial amount that I feel as a scholarship award winner.

Furthermore, this scholarship is meaningful to me because of the impact that Philip has had on me as I have grown and matured. As I previously mentioned, I frequently saw Philip on the field when I was younger, but Philip’s efforts and actions off the field are what really resonated with me. This began through his steadfast faith in Christ, which I believe contributed to many of his other fantastic qualities. The way Philip lived his life for Christ impacted my own relationship with Him, causing me to want to pursue that relationship further because of the desire to become even half of the man that Philip was.

The second aspect of Philip’s legacy that has impacted and changed me is the way he treated others. The kindness and compassion that Philip generously offered to anyone and everyone provided a fantastic role model for me to base my actions off, regardless of the situation. Because of my faith and the role model Philip was for me, I learned to place the needs of others above myself and to never put anyone down for the sake of raising myself up.

The final and most impactful factor of Philip’s life on my life is his desire to serve his community. Seeing Philip earnestly want to help those around him when I was younger began my similar desire to also provide service to the same community, and it is currently manifesting itself through my habits and my intended career path.

I currently plan to major in biomedical engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology and then attend medical school after I graduate, with the end goal being the career of a medical professional in order to provide service through the medical field. This mentality of service began and was furthered by the impact that Philip’s life and legacy had on the way I lived my life, and I believe that out of all the ways that Philip has changed my life, that his continued dedication to service has impacted me the most.

I am forever thankful for the presence that Philip Lutzenkirchen had and still has in my life, and I am eternally grateful to be a recipient of the scholarship that is dedicated to his legacy.