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Lutzie 43
Lutzie 43
December 18, 2018

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How Lutzie 43 Saved My Life

Thank you to Hayley Bylsma for writing this post.

Last week I was hit on my driver’s side door while I was crossing an intersection in Auburn, Alabama. My car flipped twice and landed upside down; thankfully I was wearing my seatbelt and was held tightly in my seat saving me from being ejected from the van.

I did not suffer any injuries but my car was completely totaled. When we went to retrieve ny belongings the next day, I found my Lutzie 43 bracelet laying in the driver’s seat amongst the glass and rubble.

I have had this bracelet in my car every day since I purchased it years ago and I will always remember to wear my seatbelt no matter what seat I am in because of Philip’s reminder.

When I heard about Philip’s accident back in 2014, I was so upset. Since then, I always make sure I am wearing my seatbelt — such a simple task can save your life. Although they can seem trivial, the laws provided to us for road safety help us avoid injuries and fatal accidents.  Breaking these laws–even just once–could result in a fatal injury.

I wear Philip’s bracelet as a reminder to always practice safety in whatever I do, especially when I’m behind the wheel. I hope people will read this and be inspired to do the same.