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Lutzie 43
Lutzie 43
October 8, 2019

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Meet Garland Welsh, a 2019 PFL Scholarship Recipient

Garland Welsh attended Lee-Scott Academy in Auburn, where she enjoyed playing soccer and volleyball, volunteering for several organizations, and was involved in many clubs and activities. She is now attending Auburn University where she majors in Public Relations. Garland tells us about her prior knowledge of Philip and how hearing more of his story impacted her life.

Thank you to Garland Welsh for providing this blog post.

Hi, everybody! First of all, I just want to thank the Lutzenkirchen family and all of Lutzie 43 for this opportunity and for all the amazing things that this organization and family has done for my community. 

I grew up with a single image in my head of Philip Lutzenkirchen: that of the orange and blue 43 painted on the side of Chimney Rock. The legacy of his that I had always known was a tragic one: that of a young Auburn football player that passed away in a car accident, but as I read stories of how his kind actions affected the people around him, the young man I had always associated with tragedy began to transform. He was no longer just an Auburn football player or a car crash victim; he was also kind and strong and humble. He was no longer just a victim or just an athlete or a number, he was a person, and beyond that, a good person. 

I have always been a bit of an overachiever. My name is on almost every single club list in the hallway, I play two sports, and I make consistent good grades. I have grown up viewing success as a form of busyness, in which the successful people always had something going on. 

Then I began to consider Philip Lutzenkirchen’s life, a life I view as extremely successful. His success was different: not created out of busyness or sheer quantity, but out of the love and attention he showed to each

 thing he did. I now see success in his way, not judged in quantity but in quality. I no longer sign up for every new thing. Instead, I put my energy into the things I love: volunteering, spending time with my family, and playing sports with my team.

Philip Lutzenkirchen chose to chase a different kind of success, not the kind that craves popularity and attention, but the kind that is measured through the ability to help others. The best legacies come from this attitude, from the kind of service that Philip Lutzenkirchen showed to the people around him. Giving like that, fully and honestly, is not easy, but after hearing the incredible effects of Lutzie’s kindness, I have challenged myself to give even when it is hard, just like he did. 

I am beyond grateful for being selected as a recipient and I cannot thank the Lutzenkirchen family enough! This family and this organization has truly been a blessing to me and my community.

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