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Lutzie 43
Lutzie 43
January 26, 2018

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Meet our Lutzie 43 Intern!

Thanks to Armando Martin for providing this blog post!

My name is Armando Martin, and I am the new Intern for the Lutzie 43 Foundation. I am currently studying Business Finance at The Ohio State University and will be graduating in December 2019. I am involved in Phi Kappa Tau fraternity, and I am currently the Head of Community Outreach. I have been involved with the Foundation since last summer and have loved every second of it.

I first heard of the foundation in high school when Mr. Lutzenkirchen gave a speech about how our decisions today will impact our decisions in the future. The speech was powerful, and even today I make sure that I’m not just a good friend but a great friend.

Armando (left) and a friend at the annual Lutzie 43 Road Race in Marietta, GA.

I ran into Mr. Lutzenkirchen again as a freshman at The Ohio State University when he came and gave his speech, ‘Philip’s Legacy…What Legacy Are You Leaving?’ Unlike the first time, I made sure to introduce myself before-hand and reach out to him afterward. This led to us getting in touch over the summer and having the opportunity to help with the annual 5k. From then on Mr. Lutzenkirchen and I have kept in contact, and I was offered an internship. I am very happy that I get to work as an intern with projects and assignments that have real results on changing people’s lives!

Being part of this Foundation means so much to me. It has been a wonderful experience serving as an integral part of a program that is out to change lives, and I am learning so much. Being able to work alongside Mr. Lutzenkirchen and seeing everything come together during the annual Lutzie 43 5k last year was priceless. The ability to bring people together with a common goal to better the lives of people everywhere is why this Foundation is so meaningful to me.

This year I hope to help the Foundation expand by reaching out to people about all that the Foundation has to offer in its hope to help student-athletes learn and grow from Philip’s story.