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Lutzie 43
Lutzie 43
March 25, 2019

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National Distracted Driving Awareness Month

April marks National Distracted Driving Awareness Month, which is recognized by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s (USDOT) National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Across the nation, April represents a unified effort to address and eliminate preventable deaths from distracted driving.

We’re excited to take part in this initiative. National Distracted Driving Awareness Month provides a great opportunity for the Lutzie 43 Foundation to spread awareness of our 43 Key Seconds safe driving initiative while positioning ourselves as one of the leading voices for change in this area.

New here? Let us tell you a bit more about who we are and what we do.

The Lutzie 43 Foundation established our 43 Key Seconds safe driving initiative in memory of Philip Lutzenkirchen, who lost his life as a passenger in a car accident that involved impaired and distracted driving. While he wasn’t the driver, he had also been drinking and chose not to wear his seatbelt.

Philip was a loving brother, son, and friend whose football career at Auburn University allowed him to create a platform for change, which the Lutzie 43 Foundation carries out today.

We are here because Philip’s story is not isolated — in fact, eleven people die every day as a result of distracted driving, and even more from impaired driving.

Few people know the facts. For example, not many people realize that the amount of time it takes you to look down at a text is equivalent to you driving the distance of a football field blindfolded. Our 43 Key Seconds initiative is working to bring awareness to the dangers and true facts that surround distracted and impaired driving.

What are we doing for National Distracted Driving Awareness Month?

During April, the Lutzie 43 Foundation is running a full-scale awareness campaign to get the 43 Key Seconds message and keys into the minds and hands of drivers across the country. We will be running TV commercials, radio spots, billboards, social media advertising, and paid search to spread the word about our 43 Key Seconds keys and our 43 Key Seconds pledge.

Live in Birmingham or Mobile, Alabama; Atlanta, Georgia; Greenville or Columbia, South Carolina? Make sure to be on the lookout for our messages!

How can you get involved in making a meaningful change during April?

  1. Sign our 43 Key Seconds Safe Driving Pledge. Pledge to not take part in distracted driving, to stop and prioritize safety before I start my car, and to not allow devices, emotions, fatigue, drugs or alcohol to endanger my life or the lives of others on the road.
  2. Purchase a 43 Key Seconds key for yourself, your family and friends. The physical 43 Key Seconds key serves as a reminder for drivers to stop and prioritize safety when they get in the car. Whether or not they have heard of Philip or our foundation, the key is a recognizable symbol representing distracted and impaired driving awareness and preventions.
  3. Co-brand 43 Key Seconds keys for your group or organization. We offer co-branded opportunities for our 43 Key Seconds keys and lanyards. Think it might be a good fit for your organization or group? Learn more about who we have worked with in the past.
  4. Participate in our social media challenge #43KeySeconds Challenge. Post a photo of someone you love or something you love on social media with the hashtag #43KeySecondsChallenge and a caption about driving safely in honor of the people and things you love.

Thanks for your support. We’re excited for what is in store for April!