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Lutzie 43
Lutzie 43
June 25, 2019

Categories: Philip Lutzenkirchen

A Legacy That Will Live On Forever

Special thanks to Neil Caudle for providing this post.  

For the past five years, June 29th has been a day that I dread all year long.  I can still remember June 29th, 2014 like it happened yesterday; getting the phone call from mine and Philip’s roommate, Wade, that our best friend had died in a car wreck.

I felt pretty empty for quite a while as I tried to come to grips with the fact that I’d never see that big goofy grin again, never get another big bear hug, or never again get to experience any of the other wonderful things that made Phil so great.  But each year as June 29th comes and goes, that dread surprisingly turns more and more into joy, because each year I see more and more ways that Philip has made the world such a better place. I don’t think as much about losing my best friend, I think about the hundreds of special-needs children that get to enjoy a field day. I think about the thousands upon thousands of high school and college kids that may live better lives because they’ve heard Philip’s story through Mike. I think about the countless number of people who will drive safer because they think about Philip when they get into their car and see their 43 key. I think about the joy I’ll have when I get to tell my kids about their big Uncle Phil one day and how much they’ll learn from our stories about him.

I hope June 29th continues to get better each year, and I’m confident it will, because Philip’s legacy is going to keep making the world a better place. He’ll keep reaching more people. I don’t think the sadness will ever go away, but I’m okay with that, because he’ll keep making us all better.

-Neil Caudle